8 Stunning Spring Decor ideas - How to Decorate Your Home for the Springtime

Spring is defined as a time or season of growth or development: specifically, the season after winter and before summer in which vegetation begins to appear. With signs of new life all around, spring feels like a fresh new beginning. The short, dark days of January and February are finally ending, blue skies become more frequent, flowers start to bloom and the world outside our cosy homes comes to life. It’s no surprise that we want to bottle the spring outdoors and bring it inside to freshen our homes. 

A common way to tune in to the freshness of the season is spring cleaning, a tradition that started hundreds of years ago as a way to clean away the soot and grime left by winter fires. But you can also get ready for the spring by refreshing your decor and consciously finding pieces that mimic the ever-changing outdoors. Just one or two bright, budget-friendly pieces can bring your home to life and give it that airy, spring vibe that we’re all chasing. We’ve included eight stunning, affordable spring decor ideas below. 

1. Beautiful Blossom 

When we think of spring, one of the first things that comes to mind is cherry blossom. In several cultures, cherry blossom signifies rebirth, renewal, new beginnings, and the start of spring. Faux blossom branches are a lovely and long-lasting way to add this flower to your home. Contempee have several colour options, from white to different shades of pink, with 3 stems priced at just £24.99. Just pop them in a vase and place in the centre of a dining table or side table to add that feel-good spring vibe to your home. The great thing about artificial blossom is that it’ll last year after year. You can leave it out all year-round or dig it out each spring just for the season. 

If faux flowers aren’t for you, there are other ways you can incorporate cherry blossom. Floral wall art looks great in spring and throughout the year, and this Blossom Print is a lovely nod to the fresh outdoors. This gorgeous White Flower Print is another stunning option that’ll help give your home that springtime feel. 

faux cherry blossom

2. Add some colour

Another way you can decorate for spring is by mimicking nature with a pop of colour. If we look out of our windows during the spring months we see pops of colour all around. We see it in the lush green grass, the yellow daffodils, purple alliums and colourful tulips. Everything outdoors just feels brighter after the dull winter, so adding colour to your home is a lovely way to honour nature. Colour is also mood-boosting, and has even been coined ‘dopamine decor', so it has added benefits besides looking great.

There are plenty of ways to add colour to your home to suit your individual style. Wall art is an affordable way to incorporate more colour, and we particularly love this meadow green gallery wall. If your walls are already too full, you can make a chic, vibrant statement with coloured faux pampas grass, available from Contempee in magenta, livid, plush pink and more. 

3. Out with the old and in with the new 

If your style is more minimalist and you’re all about the neutrals, you can still decorate for spring by simply re-freshening your decor and adding some new touches. The season is defined by new life and the change it brings, so why not change up your cushion covers, add a new canvas, re-purpose existing decor or treat yourself to a new vase. Changes to your home don’t need to be huge to make an impact, and having a little re-fresh can be enough to give you that spring ‘newness’. 

4. Floral floral floral 

Flowers begin to pop up everywhere in the spring so it’s only natural that we want to add them to our homes, but it can cost your purse and the earth to keep buying fresh flowers. As fresh flowers only last for 7 days on average, to have flowers inside for the whole of spring you need to buy them once a week. With most flowers imported from abroad and wrapped in single-use plastic, this is also harsh on the environment. Quality faux floral arrangements are a cost-effective and durable choice that give the same impact. Contempee have plenty of faux florals to choose from that will brighten up your living space for spring. Our Faux Hydrangea are simply beautiful and you wouldn’t be able to tell they’re artificial. The large flower heads are available in plenty of colours with a choice of neutral, bright or dark and moody to match every interior.

You could also opt for the unique Kiku Flower that is now available for pre-order. The cute pom-pom like flowers are modelled on the chrysanthemum, a plant native to East Asia and northeastern Europe. The Faux Chrysanthemums are available in a variety of colours, including beautiful pastels such as this peachy orange, perfect for spring. 

artificial hydrangea blue

5. Re-arrange your home 

Re-arranging your existing decor items is an affordable way to inject that spring feeling into your home. You can do this by moving around your furniture to create a new room layout or simply moving home decor accessories into a new place or room. This can help to create a completely new look - you’d be surprised how much impact it can make! We often rotate our Faux Pampas and Faux Eucalyptus from room to room to keep each space looking fresh and modern.

6. Don’t forget the garden 

The arrival of spring brings the arrival of warmer weather and we start to spend more of our time outside. Despite this, it can be easy to neglect the garden when you’re decorating for spring. Whether you have a green thumb or not, adding interior items to your garden can elevate the look and make the space more inviting. Faux floral arrangements don’t need to be confined to the indoors and can make a great statement outside in the centre of a garden table, perfect for when you’re hosting a garden party or dining al-fresco. If you want your faux flowers to last as long as possible, just remember to bring them back indoors overnight and protect them from any bad weather. Springtime isn’t always a guarantee that it’ll be dry, especially in the UK with the infamous April showers! 

7. Easter touch 

Springtime not only brings flowers and warmer weather, it also brings  festivities. If you celebrate Easter, you’ll know that it’s not just about the chocolate eggs! Easter is a great opportunity to get creative and decorate with your family, especially if you have younger children. We personally love the idea of an easter tree, and it’s super easy to re-create one using our artificial blossom. The branches are strong enough to hold paper decorations like these bunnies from Hobbycraft. 5 to 6 paper decorations look great dangling from the branches. To go the extra mile, you can even wrap some fairy lights around the blossom stems. 

8. Botanical prints 

As we've learnt, spring decor is all about honouring nature and bringing the outdoors in. An easy way to do this is with botanical, leafy wall art that nods to nature while adding a pop of colour. Whether you’re adding nature prints as new additions or swapping out existing prints, it’s an affordable way to make your home feel a bit more airy and fresh. We love the meadow green collection from Contempee, particularly print No.1 and No.3. You can also shop meadow green wall art as a 3-print or 5-print gallery wall with or without frames, giving you the luxury of a gallery wall without any of the hassle! 

We hope we’ve given you some spring decor inspiration to make your home as beautiful as it can be this season. For more styling tips and interior inspo, be sure to follow us on Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest!