7 ways to style Pampas Grass in your home

7 ways to style Pampas Grass

 In the past few years, pampas has became somewhat of a ‘must-have’ home accessory. You have likely seen this gorgeous fluffy grass while scrolling your Instagram feed, positioned elegantly in your favourite influencers homes. British television personality Stacey Solomon even made headlines with her Pampas Christmas tree back in December 2022, and has since added pampas to her home in other creative ways. Now whether pampas Christmas trees are to your taste are not, there are plenty of ways to add this gorgeous tall grass to your home and elevate your decor in a modern, minimalist way. 

Top Tip!

Before we get into our favourite ways to style pampas, we’d like to share our number one top tip. When adding pampas to your home, we recommended opting for Faux Pampas over real. Artificial pampas gives you the same natural, fluffy look without any of the mess. Indeed, real pampas sheds, meaning you’ll be picking up the vacuum more than ever (and who wants that!) Not only can you avoid this mess by opting for artificial, you also have more colour options and choice, allowing you to match your grass perfectly to your decor. 

 Now, getting to the question at hand; how to style pampas in your home. We’ve included 7 ideas below. 

1. Go big and make a Statement 

 We all want to wow our family and friends with beautiful and unique home decor. A sure way to do this is to be bold and make a statement! Tall pampas grass does just that, as it adds height and texture to empty corners helping to stun your guests, especially when paired with a beautiful large statement vase. We love the way @our_home_style has styled our tall pampas and aria vase as shown below. What an impact! 


@our_home_style_ My new favourite vase and pampas combinstion from @contempee.com Lounge styling stepped up a level! #pampas #pampasgrass #homedecor #interiordecor #stylingtips #contempee ♬ Aces by DKJ - Danny Johnson

2. A natural, boho touch 

 Boho home decor combines natural elements with a mix of colourful patterns, textures and eclectic pieces to achieve a relaxed, earthy vibe. Pampas is a great way to add that natural element, and it’s fluffy, soft form helps to achieve that relaxed and laid-back feel. If boho is what you’re going for, we recommend opting for neutral colours such as our brown, beige, or cream. To take it one step further, you can even mix and match a few stems of each of these colours and arrange them in the same vase. As natural pampas grass would have some colour variation, combining these earthy colours helps to achieve the desired natural look. If you’re up for the challenge, you could even make your own floral arrangement, combining our faux pampas stems with some dried flowers and other grasses. 

3. Add colour 

 While pampas grass is traditionally neutral, faux pampas allows you to get creative and colourful! Adding colour to your home has been coined ‘dopamine decor’ by colour and design consultant Suzy Chiazzari, as pops of feel-good colours can evoke feelings of happiness. So if you want to boost your mood by adding a pop of colour to your home, colourful pampas is a modern option. Contempee have lots of colour options, from a muted Dusk Pink to a vibrant Magenta or Livid. Just pop the stems in a simple vase such as our Outline Black Vase and let the colour do the talking! 

 Livid blue artificial faux pampas styled in black outline vase dusk pink faux pampas in black outline vase against plain background

4. Decorate for the seasons 

 Pampas grass offers versatility, making it a great accessory to take you through every season. We especially love to see our faux pampas in autumnal displays. Dark brown pairs perfectly with the rusty oranges and dark neutrals of the pumpkin season, with the fluffy stems mimicking an autumnal field in the great outdoors. Our white pampas is also perfect for winter wonderland Christmas displays and looks great amongst snowy festive scenes, adding height and a gentle softness.

5. Front and centre 

 Every dinner table needs a star piece at the centre of the table, and pampas can be just that! Our Faux Pampas looks great front and centre, giving your dining display height and style without the mess that comes with real flowers. We recommend using a large tray in the centre of your table to pair everything together. Place your vase and pampas on the tray with a few other items varying in height, such as a candle, ornament or even a small houseplant. For the best final result remember to adhere to the interior design rule of three. Things arranged in odd numbers are more appealing, memorable, and effective than even-numbered groupings! 

6. Go dark 

 Black not only goes with everything, it adds a sense of drama and intrigue to your home. If you’ve not yet taken the plunge, it can be daunting to add such a dark colour to your decor. But black is the perfect way to create an interesting and clean contrast, especially when paired with lighter neutrals and white. Personally, we love the monotone look of black and white together, so if you have a boring white wall try adding some of our black pampas for a dramatic contrast! We’ve found this helps to create depth in your home while maintaining clean, crisp lines. 

7. Get creative!

Finally, get creative! If Stacey Solomon’s Christmas tree proved anything it’s that you really can do whatever you like with pampas. You can add it to your walls as seen below, or style it more traditionally in a statement vase that does the talking. If you’re unsure what type of vase to go for, check out our recommended vase pairings. 



 If you’re still undecided on pampas all together or want to add more florals to your home, check out our other offerings. We have blossom, eucalyptus, stunning hydrangea and more, all artificial to ensure they last with no mess!